Chic black chalet does cabin in the woods right

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Cleanlined but cozy
By Liz Stinson Nov 9, 2018, 3:30pm EST

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There’s nothing rustic about this cabin in the woods. Designed by Canadian firm Appareil Architecture, the chic Chalet Grand-Pic is home to a couple who wanted to spend their retirement years enjoying the Quebecois forest. Good choice.

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The prefab cabin is nestled into the woods and takes full advantage of its picturesque surroundings with large windows and a generous deck. The owners asked for a contemporary home that deferred to its surroundings. The result is a simple gabled frame that’s punched up with trendy black corrugated metal siding.

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Inside, the 1,464-square-foot house has two stories. The main level has polished concrete floors, pale birch wood walls, and a white wood paneled ceiling. Upstairs, the bedrooms are hidden by painted white wood paneling that bucks the expectation of the traditional open loft.

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The house adheres to its strict color palette of pale wood, white paint, gray concrete, and black accents. Some might call it limiting, but we say it makes for a very stylish cottage, indeed.

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